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Our Story

Odise "Odi" Armata is the owner and chef of Odi's Mediterranean Kitchen.


Odi was born in Albania and originally learned to cook from his grandmother! She would cook for a huge family and never needed one measurement, she only ever cooked by memory and taste.


Once Odi was old enough he immigrated to Greece and worked in the kitchen of a popular restaurant. In the year 2000, Odi found his way to St. Pete Beach, Florida, and absolutely loved it!


It was during that visit that he called his dad in Europe and told him that Florida was too beautiful to leave and that he wasn't coming back. From there, Odi worked at a few Greek restaurants in the St. Petersburg area before opening his St. Pete Beach produce shop which would eventually become Odi's Mediterranean Kitchen. 


Odi has been serving delicious foods to the St. Pete Beach community and our visiting tourist  for over 13 years and enjoys every minute of it. Odi is very grateful to be so popular and for the repeat business from all of his customers.

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